If You Have an Accident and Can’t Drive for a While, How Will This Affect Your Life?


Accidents that temporarily stop you from driving can happen for the most innocuous reasons, a simple trip on a step or the dog pulling you over in the park. They can also happen as a result of sport, football is common as is riding a bike and horse riding. But the injury can be serious resulting in you being unable to drive for a while which can impact on your ability to do your job and support family and friends. For some, the financial consequences of this are dramatic. It is estimated that to keep someone mobile with taxis and trains costs on average £2,500 a month.

Driver plan protects people from the consequences of not been able to drive from accident, injury or disqualification. It is the best insurance for points on licence. They have offered this cover for over two decades and a significant majority of the claims are for accident and injury rather than disqualification due to points accumulation.
If you are injured with for example a broken shoulder, you will be unable to drive while it heals. If you do take the risk and drive it actually means that your insurance policy is null and void. If you then have an accident, the insurance will refuse to pay out and you are personally liable for all the costs. Insurance companies have become much stricter about this sort of thing in recent years. The police are also likely to prosecute you, meaning extra points on your license or even a ban.

The Driver Plan policy keeps you fully mobile both in your business and personal life. If your driving is related directly to your work because you are self employed or paid on commission, it is going to cost you an awful lot in lost income.

One of DriverPlan’sclients broke her leg while on holiday in Australia, came back to the UK, the leg hadn’t set properly, it had to be reset, she was unable to drive for nearly a year and Driver Plan paid all the costs of approximately £29,000. Another client got carried away dancing at a friend’s wedding and broke his achilles tendon. He was unable to drive for 5 months. Driver Plan kept him fully mobile so that his income and lifestyle were not affected. Another fell off a friend’s sofa while asleep and broke his wrist, DriverPlan again paid out to keep him mobile.

Cover starts from just£12.68 a month, the top policy costs £38.15. Whatever, your circumstances, DriverPlan has a policy for you to keep you mobile if you are temporarily unable to drive