speed camera

Loss of licence or disqualification from driving

Insurance which covers you if your totting-up points tot up too far.

The chances are that you are a careful driver. But you can be looking at the road and not at the speedo, and before you know it you're caught on camera. Points on a licence are not that uncommon. You could be on the brink of losing your licence, especially if you do a lot of driving.

So, how does DriverPlan cover help you stay on the road if you are banned for speeding?

If you were to lose your licence or be disqualified, DriverPlan cover would pay for alternative transport so that you can still make the journeys you had planned, but you would not be at the driving wheel. The journeys that you can only sensibly make by car are still possible.

Bearing in mind that being able to continue on the road may make the difference between you having a job and being out of work, a DriverPlan policy makes good sense. This is what motoring continuity is all about.

There are limits though. DriverPlan covers loss of licence, but does not cover motorists for drink-driving, dangerous driving or drugs-related offences.

All DriverPlan policies include this option. See how the policies compare.